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Our history:

1998-2001. Oleg Barinsky and Andrey Shipitzin opened a casual outdoor restaurant “Alyonushka”, which was highly demanded in the city. They kept this up and opened another outdoor restaurant called “Mimino” in 2000 and another one, called “Lyubimy Gorod”, in 2001. 

2002. The company launched a fast food chain, opening seven street food stalls called “Shaverma” within one year. 

2004. New restaurants “Take Sushi” and “Kofeinik” became trendy locations for young people and business people who prefer finer dining and follow gastronomic trends.

2005. “Dacha” welcomed its first diners and quickly became the trendiest and most legendary restaurant opened by our company. It could boast an extensive menu of excellent food including great pizza assortment, a cozy atmosphere, dancing and entertainment.

2006. Two pizza restaurants, “Bambino” and “Chetire sira”, opened that year and immediately became two of the trendiest and most visited places in the city, thanks to great cuisine, high quality standards and quick and efficient service. 

2007. “Dream Team Club” sports bar and restaurant opened in a newly built Ice Palace. The bar was always crowded during and between games, full of athletes and hockey fans. 

2009. “Dream Team Club” was closed for renovation. Soon it was reopened becoming a new restaurant called “Zephyr”. It was furnished in an Asian style and could boast a great number of regulars, including high ranking officials from the city and the oblast. 

2010. “La Villa”, a new Italian restaurant and karaoke bar, had an Italian brand chef Massimo.  This year, another exciting event happened: we opened the first bar called “Zapravka” and became exclusive distributors for Vasilievsky Island Brewery (St. Petersburg).

2011.  Another “Zapravka” bar was opened in Stalevarov Street, as well as “Morsen Bistro”. The company kept growing, and its market capitalization increased significantly. 

2012. We got distribution rights for Efes beer in Vologda Oblast, opened a food court in the Maksi Mall in Cherepovets, and launched new projects in Vologda including a family restaurant “Vereshchagin” and a Russian cuisine restaurant “Tri samovara”. 

2013. “Shisha Lounge Bar” opened, as well as four new “Shaverma” street food stalls. We also changed the style and offered a new menu in “Zapravka” bar chain. 

2014. We launched a new chain of traditional American cuisine restaurants called “Am.Rock Cafe” and started rebranding “Shaverma” food stalls. The first “Shaverma” stall at 68 Pobeda Prospekt was renovated, introducing a new menu and a new shawarma with grilled meat. Vologda establishments were also rebranded, and a new and better “Vereshchagin” welcomed its visitors.

2015-2016. “Zapravka” bars got a new menu. “Am.Rock Cafe” chain was reconstructed into new “Shaverma” stalls. We also opened “Lapsha and Ris Sushi Bar” and “Barbaris Bar” in Sovetsky Prospekt.  Vologda welcomed exciting changes: we opened an increasingly popular “Ikra Bar”. 

At the beginning of 2016 all “Shaverma” street food stalls were reconstructed, renovated and improved. We were extremely proud to present a new menu with long-time favourite items and some hot trends! We also started 2 sushi and pizza delivery services, “Yeda 35” and “Bambino”.  “Nedieticheskaya stolovaya” changed its style and name and became “Tri samovara” restaurant.

September 25, 2017. A new bakery called “Mama Ispekla” was opened.    Morsen Group today is “Shaverma” street food chain including 10 stalls in busy streets in every corner of the city, “Zapravka” bar chain and its 3 outdoor terraces, “Barbaris Bar” and “Shisha Lounge Bar”. “Tri samovara” is a perfect place to go to have breakfast, lunch and dinner without spending a fortune. We also produce processed and convenience foods at “Fabrika Kukhnya”, manage “Arena” restaurant in Ice Palace that provides meals for Severstal Cherepovets players, and delivery service at “Yeda 35” and “Bambino” where you can order world cuisine food. 

In Vologda, Morsen Group is represented by “Vereshchagin” restaurant chain including “Ikra Bar”.